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Better Lives 2018 - 2021

A strategy for the future of adult social care in Buckinghamshire

Better lives
Better lives

As an organisation, we need to structure our services. We believe that by focusing on three key areas, we can be more flexible and personal in our response to people.

‘Better Lives’ - three key parts

Living independently

Firstly we will:

  • make it easier for people to take care of themselves, improve their own lives and remaining independent for as long as possible
  • work with others, particularly the voluntary and community sector, to strengthen local opportunities and support so that people can create their own local networks
  • make sure that there is a wide range of easily accessible information and advice about what is available from us and others, to help people plan and to get on with life
  • make it as easy as possible for people to get help when needed. When people first contact us, we will try to resolve their problems quickly, looking to find local support from families and communities before resorting to formal social care services.

Regaining independence

Secondly, when people experience a crisis in their lives, we will:

  • work with them and their families to manage the crisis, helping them to become better able to deal with issues in the future
  • help people to gain or regain the skills they need to live independently by supporting them in the short term, expecting that wherever possible people will support themselves in the longer term. We know that this approach can prevent longer term needs from developing.

Living with support

Finally, for some, longer term social care services are necessary. Where this is the case, we will:

  • share responsibility with the person, their family and their community. We will try to meet people’s needs in a way which centres on them, delivers the outcomes that they want to achieve, and results in a better quality of life
  • wherever possible we will support people to remain at home, with families and friends, developing and maintaining a strong social network
  • work with people to help them to understand and manage everyday risks, while taking care to safeguard people from significant harm.

'Better Lives' outcomes

Both now and in the future:

  • more people will live independently without the need for long-term services
  • fewer people will need to be in residential or nursing care
  • more people will stay living independently after leaving hospital
  • young people moving from children’s services will be better prepared for adulthood
  • more people will have control over their support through Direct Payments.


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